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released September 1, 2007




KGHB Seattle, Washington

KGHB are two dudes who started making music in the late 90s as a reason/excuse to hang out. Aaron (DJ Tight Pants) and Gabe (Gary the Pink) originally met in 1994 and have been working together on various projects ever since.

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Track Name: 00i0000000
Previously on Kids Get Hit by Buses...
If we search for a melody
In this whole wide world
I doubt we'll find anything
When the good that we think exists
Gets washed out
All that's left are the same dead...

You and I are the same
No good has-beens
What luck
Staring at the computer screen
For hours and hours and hours
Without a thing

I'm just messin' around

"Turn on the magical shining light"
No black paper guides
I do what I like
With Lite Brite

Kids get hit by buses
"Bye children" said their mothers
The hospital will fix their wounds
But who will eat their lunches

Get jammin'
What is takin' so long?
Get dancin'
Yeah you know you want it

I kinds like it when I lose until I've had it
I take dissapointment and turn it into magic

I'm not gonna be here for long
This sucker's done no one harm
And everybody's so down
I see no reason to

What's it to you bitch if I support the candy industry?
I think you need to take your shit and get away from me
I'm tryin' to eat this I don't need your fucking commentary
"This is a library"

I got something for ya
Dancing in angora
The world famous director:
Ed D. Wood
All the big companies
All they love is money
But nobody loves
The silver screen like...

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


...time of your life
Track Name: 00x0000000
In a place like this
It's so hard to have the life
Where the right kind of people
Just surround you all the time
It's a cool cruel hour glass
Inside a paper lamp
Playing a hand in the life
That you didn't used to have
Days go by too fast
The day goes by too fast
The day goes by way too fast
Way too fucking fast

And it hurts to be so fucking far away

Anytime you needed me for a favor
You could just give me a holler
You were given a chance to get on my good side
But you didn't even bother
Track Name: 0x00000000
I forget why I sometimes decide to keep trying
What an awful suggestion
I remember
All you fucking did so shut up
Well what are you waiting for
Burn scrap metal

Wait I just wanna talk
Can't we work this out with words
Put your weapons on the ground
And speak to me like a gentleman
No it's far too late for that
These people are way too fucking pissed
We tried so hard but it all turned to shit
And now we're just useless

You set to cut apart
A love between two hearts
Robots don't have hearts
Just a mess of twisted wires
A couple megabytes
And a CPU

I want to know
Why they don't sell these things together

We're all locked inside a burning building

What the hell is going on?
Track Name: x000000000
I don't wanna fight you
For candy canes and bubblegum
And rainbows and chocolate ice cream
Cuz it doesn't matter how we get
Out of this hole again
As long as we get out
And I don't ever wanna go back to Zombie Land
I just wanna go home again
And eat produce with you
While holding your hand

Tell me how it ends
Your my friend
We can even share a peach
I'll be waiting here for you
And I hope you choose
To come back real soon

It's a place we found
With lots of fruits
Hiding in the ground
We can pull them out
With your long arm
Track Name: xxxxxxxxxx
Kids get hit by buses
Get hit by trains
Get hit by planes
Get hit by nothing!
Flat line

Thank you for listening