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released August 1, 2006




KGHB Seattle, Washington

KGHB are two dudes who started making music in the late 90s as a reason/excuse to hang out. Aaron (DJ Tight Pants) and Gabe (Gary the Pink) originally met in 1994 and have been working together on various projects ever since.

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Track Name: 000000x000
Get jammin'
What is takin' so long?
Get dancin'
Yeah you know you want it

Dance Dance Dance
Track Name: 0b000000as (featuring_Nickiepoo)
I once knew a bitch named Eric Wright
We used to roll around and fuck the hoes at night
Tighter than the muthafuckin' gangsta beats
And we was ballin' on the muthafuckin' Compton streets
Peep, the shit got deep and it was on
Number 1 song after number 1 song
Long as my muthafuckin' pockets was fat
I didn't give a fuck where the bitch was at
Cus' she was hangin' with a white bitch doin' the shit she do
Suckin' on his dick just to get a buck or 2
But in the end what she got mean't nothin'
Now she's suing cuz the shit she be doin' ain't shit
[Johnny the Pink]
Snoop in the coop, baby
Skeet on my chest, I said
Bitches ain't down with the streets no more

Bitches ain't shit
But hoes and tricks
Lick on these nuts
And suck the dick
Get the fuck out
After you're done
And I hops in my ride
To make a quick run

I once knew a bitch named Mandy May
Used to be up in them guts like everyday
Pussy was the bomb, had a nigga on sprung
I was in love like a muthafucka lickin' the protung
The homies used to tell me that she wasn't no good
But I'm the maniac in black, Mr. Snoop Eastwood
So I figure niggaz wouldn't trip with mine
Guess what? Got gaffled by one time
Back to the muthafuckin' county jail
6 months on my chest and now it's time to bail
I get's released on a hot sunny day
My nigga D.O.C. and my homie Dr Dre

Rollin' with my nigga Dre and Eastwood
Fuckin' hoes, clockin' dough up to no good
Flip flop and serve hoes like flap jacks
We don't love them bitches, it's like that

Fuck that bitch